The PF-ONE PFC brings true power factor correction and formidable surge protection to the South African Market.

Proudly, introduced by Power Factor One, this product has been meticulously designed and engineered by a competent and knowledgeable team, including a Qualified Electrical Engineer and a Master Electrician with 25 x years trade experience. The PF-ONE PFC was developed and thoroughly tested before released to market.

Typically, capacitor banks are commonly installed at electric mains; however, these installations are expensive and often unaffordable for domestic or light commercial operations. The PF-ONE offers a modular and affordable solution for domestic and light commercial operations.


The PF-ONE is a capacitor based, power factor correction system and is perfectly designed to remove spikes and surges generated by unstable electricity supply. It is a well-known fact that capacitors are widely used in the electrical industry for surge and lightning protection. The PF-ONE stores (otherwise lost energy) and releases energy to your circuit when equipment and appliances need to function properly. This in turn optimises energy consumption, reduces the amount of wasted energy and unnecessary heat on the wires and motors in your home or business. These powerful capacitors and resistors effectively reduce amps on AC induction motors, reduce vibration, reduce noise on the sine wave, ensure smooth start up and operation of equipment and increase working performance of everything electrical. The PF-ONE protects your assets and reduces wasted energy. The PF-ONE will save you money!

Why Install A PF-ONE PFC?

    • Improve your power factor.
    • Save money on electricity.
    • Prolong the lifespan of everything electrical in your home or business.
    • Excellent return on investment.
    • Market leading 2 x year warranty.

Residential Single Phase Installation

Commercial Three Phase Installation


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